• At SummerHill Apartment Communities our vision is clear: create value by providing high quality, sustainable, tenant focused, and market based multifamily, mixed-use, and transit-oriented developments.
  • SummerHill Apartment Communities (SHAC) is a leading multifamily developer on the West Coast. As a subsidiary of The Marcus and Millichap Company, SHAC draws upon experience accumulated in the development of over 4,000 units in a wide range of urban markets. SHAC’s expertise and focus on acquisitions, entitlements, design, and construction are the guiding force behind each one of our successful projects.

    Our team adapts to the diversity of our business with creative instincts, enterprising vision, and a commitment to the core values that guide our decision making and define our culture. We believe that by encouraging personal and professional growth, our team will exceed expectations—with the benefits being realized by all.

    The developments created by SummerHill Apartment Communities (SHAC) are an integral part of our communities. It is important for us to preserve the environment, improve urban settings, and cultivate the beauty of our surroundings. Smart growth offers more than just shelter, it enhances neighborhoods and lifestyles.

  • Acquisitions
  • SummerHill Apartment Communities (SHAC) has a well-defined acquisitions program that is research based helping to ensure a successful investment strategy. SHAC is an active buyer of land and development opportunities in high barrier to entry, urban infill, core markets along the West Coast.

    SHAC views disciplined land acquisition as the backbone of any successful development project and dedicates the resources, consultants, and internal expertise needed to ensure that its site selection process is thorough. Thoughtful, inventive land planning and the appropriate entitlements, including rezoning of underutilized or obsolete properties, have always been at the core of SHAC’s acquisition strategy.

    SummerHill Apartment Communities is actively looking for land and sites. For inquiries please contact:

    Northern California and Pacific Northwest
    Jeff Zeiszler
    Vice President, Land Acquisitions
    Direct: (415) 531-9970

    Southern California
    Nick Grasu
    Acquisitions and Development Director
    Direct: (310) 954-9547

  • Development/Entitlements
  • SummerHill Apartment Communities (SHAC) has a demonstrated strength and focus developing communities of distinction throughout the entitlement process by preserving and enhancing the existing neighborhoods and creating positive neighborhood development partners. SHAC concentrates its efforts in areas where demand is supported by existing or planned infrastructure as well as within close proximity to a high concentration of jobs.

    Neighborhood consensus building is another element of SHAC’s disciplined development strategy. Working closely and proactively with city officials and neighborhood groups alike, SHAC seeks to forge positive community support for its developments by demonstrating a genuine understanding of and responsiveness to local concerns.

    Criteria for site development are highly selective to meet the company’s objectives. SHAC uses extensive market analysis to identify housing needs, then customizes each development to meet those needs. SHAC has proven expertise in working closely with cities and neighborhood constituents to successfully integrate new communities into the texture of the surrounding neighborhood by developing the most compatible housing type, architectural style, and urban plan for each site.

    Our focus here at SHAC is developing communities of distinction that, by traditional standards, are entitlement and development challenges. Sites like these are actively pursued given the unique opportunities they provide. By maintaining this development focus complemented by an intense and rigorous internal control program, SHAC consistently achieves successful results.

  • Design/Construction
  • The SummerHill Apartment Communities design and construction teams engage early in the development process to ensure efficient and cost-effective building design. Our team invests heavily in the time and resources necessary to thoroughly understand each market where SHAC has a presence. Our deep understanding of each market allows SHAC to maximize value from the early phases of design to construction management and into project completion. Additionally, SHAC stays at the forefront of ever-changing market trends through intense research and by monitoring local market conditions and competition to forecast appropriate products and services.

  • Asset Management
  • SummerHill Apartment Communities has a robust asset management program that is research driven helping to ensure optimal execution and maximize investment returns.

    In partnership with our operations teams, the company offers a strategic approach including revenue optimization, disciplined expense management, and customer-centric marketing strategies.

  • General Contractors
  • Building and maintaining relationships with established general contractors is a vital part of SHAC’s construction process. Our engagement with a project General Contractor occurs early in the process in order to create efficient, cost-effective, and high-quality buildings.

  • Labor Unions
  • Labor Unions also play an important role in many of the markets that SHAC is active in. We strive to foster good working relationships with local and regional unions.

  • Affiliations
  • SummerHill Apartment Communities is one of eight companies founded by Marcus & Millichap Company (MMC) -


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